Cyberbullying, and bullying and disability

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A recent study found that young people of color use media significantly more extensively – averaging 13 hours a day, 4.5 hours more than white youth.  But their experiences with cyberbullying get little attention.

Chain of Change reports on the stories told by black and Latino teens during discussions following screenings of the new video, Your Social Life.

“Youth learn what is acceptable and safe face-to-face behavior, but as our society is relying more and more on digital technology as our main form of communication, it is imperative we start adapting and teaching these skills for online interactions and to educate youth about the emotional, social, and legal repercussions of digital behavior,” writes Lynda Lopez.

Students with disabilities are often targeted for bullying at higher rates, according to an article from the Neighborhood Writing Alliance.

One Humboldt Park teen who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair tells of being ridiculed and threatened.  Her grandmother says she’s spoken with school authorities, but administrators sometimes suggest the girl should just ignore verbal attacks.

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